This toolkit provides templates for you to produce your own creative digital projects – and additional resources which offer more information, ideas and inspiration. All the materials are downloadable.

The project, design a poster The project, write an article The project, create a job ad

There’ll be a high demand among employers over the next few years for people with STEM skills. Design a compelling poster which would attract young people to find out more about the opportunities for them in STEM Careers.

Young people wonder about what the work place will be like and what opportunities there are for them after they finish their education. Write an article which vividly brings alive the job of a young person at the start of a STEM based career.

Many companies which rely on STEM skills want to recruit young people over the next few years. Create a job advert which would encourage a young person to apply, explaining what the job is and what attractions it offers.

You need the following resources to help you to create your project:

  1. Interviews – for you to use as raw material to find out what STEM Careers are like from the point of view of 16 people, 18 - 26 years old, who are on, or have recently completed, their apprenticeship or graduate training programme with Rolls-Royce.
  2. Digital templates – for you to select the format you want to use, insert your own words and choose from a library of images and ‘key’ facts to give your project additional impact.
  3. Use the other materials available here – including the films, articles and sign‑posting to a wide range of websites which employ people with STEM skills – to enrich what you produce.