Design a poster

The Project:

There’ll be a high demand among employers over the next few years for people with STEM skills. Your task is to design a compelling poster which you think would attract young people to find out more about the opportunities for them in STEM Careers.


Read at least one of the 16 Interviews in depth and design your poster based on the content. There are three different templates for you to choose from. For each template, you’ll be asked to include the following:

A Headline: What key message stands out to you about STEM careers? What has surprised you most or captured your imagination? Make it into a short punchy headline that you think will be attention-grabbing and get your point across.

Copy: Building on your headline, use the space available to explain the attraction of STEM careers and encourage people to find out more. Remember, it’s a poster so you’ll need to keep it short.

Key Fact: Select a key fact from the drop-down list provided that you think supports your headline.

Image: You can choose imagery from the image library provided to create your poster.

Remember that drawing from the other resources on the website will enrich your final project.

Once you’ve begun filling in the template, you’ll need to complete the project in one go – and can then save it to your desktop.

Tip: You may want to print a copy of this page so you can refer to the instructions.

Select a template:

Template 1

Template 1

Template 2

Template 2

Template 3

Template 3

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