Create a job advert

The Project:

Many companies which rely on STEM skills want to recruit young people over the next few years. Create a job advert which would encourage a young person to apply, explaining what the job is and what attractions it offers.


Read at least one of the Interviews in depth and create a job advert based on the content. There are three different job templates for you to choose from. For each template, you’ll be asked to include the following:

A Headline: What’s the key message you think will attract someone to apply for the job you’re advertising? Turn that into a short headline to attract attention.

Job Vacancy: What’s the role you’re advertising?

Copy: Remember, you are aiming to interest someone enough to apply for the job so you will probably want to include the following: information about what the job involves; what type of skills and personal attributes people need to do the job; what prospects the job offers; why someone would find the role attractive.

Testimonial: Select a quote from the Interview to support your advert.

Image: You can choose imagery from the library provided to enhance your advert.

Remember that drawing from the other resources on the website will enrich your final project.

Once you’ve begun filling in the template, you’ll need to complete the project in one go – and can then save it to your desktop.

Tip: You may want to print a copy of this page so you can refer to the instructions.

Select a template:

Template 1

Template 1

Template 2

Template 2

Template 3

Template 3

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